Travel Directors

You are a professional Travel Director. You work very hard, and we thank you. Some see the life of a Travel Director as a glamorous one. Of course they do, they see you spending the majority of your time traveling the world, hopping from airport to airport, hotel to hotel, and sometimes even being able to attend major events like private concerts or a championship game. Well, those of us in the industry know that these brief moments of fun are the exceptions to your otherwise long work days.

The life of a professional Travel Director is strenuous, but you live it because you love it. It is your job is to make each meeting planner look good, because no matter how well they plan a meeting, it is up to you to turn that plan into what really matters…on-site success.

While ETD’s primary role is to connect meeting planners with the industry’s best Travel Directors, we also have another client, you–the professional Travel Director. We aim to work as your agent, offering you revenue generating opportunities to grow your business. As a professional Travel Director, we know that it is often hard for you to balance finding and booking future business for yourself all the while trying to collect payment from your last program, invoicing your per diem for your next program, and working on your current program. This is where we can help you!

If you are currently a member of our Travel Director Registry, then please keep your contact information on file with us current and we will sure try to keep you busy. If you are not a member of our registry, know that we are always looking for qualified, professional Travel Directors. We would be honored to represent you, broker your skills, try to keep you busy and to take care of those pesky marketing and accounting details that might slow your business down. If interested, please consider completing our five-minute Travel Director registration below. We will review your information and contact you when work opportunities arise.