Poken: a meeting supplier on the forefront of green initiative and technological trends in meetings and events industry




Poken, a new way to collect contacts and documents at events, is where green initiative meets fun innovation. Meeting attendees create a Poken profile upon event registration, including contact information, profile photo, and social networks (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).



Guests are then given a Poken device that can be attached to their name badges.  Instead of exchanging business cards, attendees tap the customize-able Poken devices together to collect one another’s contact information and easily sync it to Outlook for future communication.



Poken devices may also be placed at various event expos giving attendees the opportunity to download PDF versions of informational handouts to their Poken profile. Poken is yet another meetings and events supplier on the forefront of industry trends and technological advancement.

Curious about the Poken revolution? ‘Poke’ around their site, or view the following promotional clip: http://youtu.be/a2zrQK61FWs


  1. Marti Gallagher says

    Love the idea of Poken and appeals to my deep green roots. The one issue is that you don’t have an op to write a note on the back of the card, or write your reminder of which person that was (man with red slacks).

    • ashley says

      Good point, Marti. Perhaps Poken will ad this feature down the road, or another creative aspect of the service that will serve the same purpose.


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