Mobile Apps Gain Popularity Among Event Planners & Attendees

By Valerie Zogas @ CrowdCompass


Have you looked at your smartphone today? Chances are you’ve checked it by now, and more than once. The average mobile phone user checks their device every 6.5 minutes. And a majority of that time (80%!) is spent using mobile apps.


Apps are widely used because they offer a better mobile experience. (The average mobile user has downloaded 65 apps on each device!) Your attendees now expect quick access to relevant information. They want to leave your event feeling more knowledgeable and more connected. You can give your attendees the mobile experience they want with an app made just for your event.


An event app allows attendees to do a lot more with less. They can view sessions, create their schedules, network with attendees, and use social media to share their experiences. These are just a few reasons why mobile apps are now an essential part of every event.


But mobile apps aren’t just for attendees—they benefit event planners, too. An event app is portable and updatable. Gone are the days of printing and re-printing. Say hello to sustainability, new advertising opportunities, and metrics that help measure the success of your event.


Seem like a lot to take on? The way to success is by not doing everything all at once. Your event app can evolve over time and get better each year. Your mobile app strategy should focus on how to increase both app adoption and engagement.


The best time to start your mobile app strategy is now. Your attendees are waiting.


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    I agree with Valerie here. Apps are changing how we consume and share information. With mobile apps for events, not just your attendees or event planners but also sponsors and exhibitors stand to benefit. Valerie has already mentioned how apps help the first two user groups. I want to add here that apps are great as branding mediums. You can customize the design and have spaces within the app to put your sponsor’s logo. This is also beneficial for planners who don’t have to spend sleepless nights trying to get sponsorship and concentrate on the event rather.


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